December 3, 2023

Travel Hawaii

It's Your Travel Hawaii

A taxpayer-funded trip to Hawaii? Why? | Opinion

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Our editorial about Newark school officials traveling to nice, sunny destinations like San Diego and Honolulu started the way many news stories do: With a tip.

Somebody told us to check out their travel spending, which gets approved regularly by the school board at meetings and posted online. So we did.

Here’s what we found, after digging through all these documents: Over eight months this year, district staffers traveled to conferences in Las Vegas, New Orleans, Orlando, Atlanta, Palm Springs, Puerto Rico and Honolulu.

The district is also sending at least 10 people to both San Diego and Miami — including Newark Superintendent Roger León, his chief of staff and most of the school board members, who are scheduled to travel to Florida this winter.

Yet when we shared what we learned with them, they wouldn’t answer questions. They immediately went on the defensive. “You are suggesting that something was inappropriate about the travel when you know we don’t determine conference locations,” wrote the spokesperson for both the superintendent and the board, Nancy Deering.

On the contrary: This was a simple search for the facts. Now that we have them, we are asking: Why do we need these trips?

Why do five Newark district staffers need to attend a women’s empowerment summit at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, for instance? How does this advance the education of Newark’s kids? Why should it be on the public dime?

We’re still waiting for answers. Taxpayers shouldn’t have to divine the reasons for sending people to Puerto Rico or Honolulu, or 10 school officials to Miami.

There should be scrutiny about how school districts spend our money. They shouldn’t keep details about their spending out of the public’s hands.

And in the end, what’s the point? Refusing to say anything or respond to our inquiries won’t stop us from writing about this. We are only more curious, and so are the taxpayers footing the bill.

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