December 3, 2023

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Vancouver flights: Visit Hawaii and Australia for half price

Use this travel hack to visit two popular destinations for the price of going to just one.

Hop on this incredible Vancouver travel deal to see kangaroos in the Land Down Under and get lei’d in Hawaii, all for half the regular price. 

While it is home to many of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, round-trip airfare from Vancouver International Airport (YVR) to Australia typically costs well over $1,200. 

For example, a Fiji Airways flight that departs from Vancouver on Monday, Oct. 16, and returns from Melbourne a few weeks later on Thursday, Nov. 9, costs $1,584 including all taxes and fees. It includes one stop in either direction Nadi, Fiji. 

These flights are about $156 cheaper than the least expensive ones for similar trips to Melbourne; the route usually costs between $1,600 to $2,350, according to Google Flights. 

Photo via Google Flights

Cheap flights from Vancouver to Hawaii and Australia  

Locals looking to save money on the cost of a return trip to Australia can enjoy a stopover in Honolulu, Hawaii, on the way over. By doing this, they shave over half the price off the cost of the regular ticket price. 

To book this deal, use the Google Flights Price Calendar to select dates that work best with your trip and offer the lowest price. You’ll need to book Hawaii flights separately from Australia. 

A WestJet flight departing from Vancouver on Monday, Oct. 16, and returning from Honolulu on Nov. 9 costs around $479, depending on what website you choose to book it from after you find a ticket on Google flights.

The least expensive flights for similar trips to Honolulu usually cost between $580 and $1,700. 

Photo via Google Flights

You’ll need to find a round-trip ticket to Australia that works with your Hawaiian flights, too. For example, a Jetstar flight that departs Honolulu on Sunday, Oct. 22, and returns from Melbourne on Sunday, Nov. 5 costs $448.

Photo via Google Flights

The final ticket, including the $479 Hawaii price and the $448 Australia one, costs roughly $927. Depending on the dates, you may also find slightly cheaper options, too. 

Travellers flying in or out of YVR also have a new option to check on the conditions at the airport in one quick “snapshot.” Have a look at the airport’s new operational snapshot and get some tips on how to move quickly through the airport for your next flight.