December 3, 2023

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‘We Didn’t Really Have Funds’: LPGA Star Michelle Wie Spills Beans Over Major Atrocities in Female Golf

Some challenges in life open doors to unexpected possibilities. The sports world is not untouched by it, especially golf. American professional golfer, Michelle Wie West was the talk of the town when she played a PGA Tour event, Sony Open, in 2004. And after all these years, she has finally revealed the reason behind playing on the men’s tour rather than the LPGA Tour.

The unexpected revelation by Michelle Wie West 

Par3 Podcast has posted a snippet of their conversation with the pro golfer. She finally revealed the reason behind her choice and shocked everyone. She said, “Well, it was because we didn’t have really the funds to go to the Mainland and travel on the AGA and play in all these tournaments.” Therefore when she was 12 years old, she won a women’s tournament by 13 strokes. It was a tremendous achievement for a young girl. 


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After that, she started playing with male golfers at their events. However, the most significant opportunity was Sony Open. West explained why she chose to play at the event and said, “All of a sudden, the Sony Open. I saw this opportunity and like, oh, it’s ten minutes from my house. I’m like, okay, great, let’s try that. So when the whole Sony thing happened, when I played in a PGA Tour event, people made a really big deal out of it.” But it was not a big deal for her, and she told why.

LPGA, Golf Damen U.S. Women s Open – First Round, Jun 2, 2022 Southern Pines, North Carolina, USA Michelle Wie West walks on the seventeenth green during the first round of the U.S. Women s Open. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports, 02.06.2022 16:05:59, 18419996, NPStrans, First Round, LPGA, U.S. Women s Open, TopPic PUBLICATIONxINxGERxSUIxAUTxONLY Copyright: xGeoffxBurkex 18419996. Image Credits: IMAGO

It was just an opportunity available for her near her house. The youngest golfer to qualify for a USGA amateur championship, took her chance because she could not fly. It was the situation that made her play on the PGA Tour. However, it does not mean she is away from the women’s golf Tour. She was the youngest golfer to qualify on the LPGA Tour. The pro golfer was also the youngest to win the U.S. Women’s Amateur Public Links.


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How did the pro golfer feel about playing at the men’s golf event?

West received a sponsor exemption to play in the early season event in Hawaii. She had faith in herself, but nerves got to her; she said, “I was so nervous on the range.” However, she did not let anyone tell her otherwise. She knew she could do it, despite being a woman. Michelle said, “Wait, you can’t tell me I can’t do this just because I’m a girl.”


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